Alpines And Heathers

Alpine Plants Stocked Include.







Dainty Alpine Primroses

And Many More.....

Our popular range of Alpines and Heathers in nine centimetre pots are available all year round. They are sold either individually or as a mix and match multibuy at a special price. 

If you would like a larger plant for instant impact, we also stock Heathers in two litre pots, again very keenly priced

Our Alpines look good in a rockery, a raised planter or even along the edge of gravel path as they need little compost to grow.
Our Heathers are low growing and are ideal for planting in between other acid loving plants.
Available as either Summer or Winter flowering. You can have bring colour to your bed all year round.

We stock Ericatious Compost and Feed for your Heathers, Grit and Multicoloured Gravels for your Alpines.

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