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In addition to our Climbing Roses, we have a variety of other plants that are happy to scramble their way up your walls and over your trellises.

These include many types of Clematis, from the vigourous  and eager to please Montanas, to the early flowering semi evergreen Armandii. We have the well behaved Jackmanii and Viticella varieties, which, with an annual trim will never outgrow their space.

We have a number of Honeysuckles, such as Belgica and Henryii.

Climbing Hydrangeas, Passiflora and Jasmine Officinale.

If you have an ugly wall to cover we have the very vigourous climbers, like Virginia Creeper, Boston Ivy or maybe one of our eyecatching Ivys. Hedera Sulphur Heart or Dentata Verigatum.

We keep various types of Wistera, in a range of blues and the ever faithful Pyracantha, whose flowers are loved by bees, their berries are loved by birds and their thorns are hated by intruders.

We stock a range of Trellis, Obelisks, Net, Frames and Fixings to make the most of your climbing plants. 

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