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Ornamental Conifers are fashionable again. 

We have conifers in many colours, sizes and prices to suit all pockets. 

The tall rocket like Thuja Holmstrup, semi prostrate Junipus Gracillus varities, the pretty little verigated Pygmaea Argentea, the strong branched Pinus Mugo, the lollypop shaped Platycladus Nana and the delicate Gold Crest that works very well in pots and planters.

If you wish to plant a legacy tree for future generations we also have the famous "Monkey Puzzle" Araucaria .

Conifer hedging has had such bad publicity, and in most cases deservedly so. But the key is, as with all hedging, "control". All hedging regardless of type need an annual trim and remember a conifer hedge is evergreen.

We keep a number of varieties of conifers suitable for hedging including our popular golden yellow Leylandii, Castlewellan Gold, which has rich autumn tones and crisp bright spring growth, more importantly, it grows at half the rate of its green cousin.