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We have evergreen dwarf species such as Carex Evergold, Carex Jubilo and Uncina Rubra, which cascade over the front of borders and work particularly in pots. The tussock forming Festuca with it's distinctive blue blades.

The slightly taller and graceful Stipa Tenuissima, who kindly rewards you with a few seedlings each year. Varieties of Carex Comans which again are quite happy in planters and rise above the border like a living waterfall.

We have the later performing Panicium Heavy Metal and Pennisetum Little Bunnies and the essentail Miscanthus which comes in many heights and widths including the striped Zebranus.

A real showstopper.

We occasionally have home grown annual grasses available, so you can ring the changes with your bedding scheme.

Grasses are becoming an essential addition to the modern garden. Whether it be a specimen Cortaderia Pampas Grass standing alone as a lawn centre piece, a collection of Carex Comans in a gravel bed. They make a great backbone to a prairie planting scheme dancing in the wind beside brightly coloured late summer perennials.

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