​​​​​​Barnby Nursery Centre

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We keep in stock both Cherry and Portuguese Laurels, Privet, Hawthorn, Sloe, Green and Golden Leylandii, Yew, and our home reared Beech, both green and purple.

We also have box and lavender for those pretty step over edges of a parterre.

Plant in well prepared soil, with a handful of bonemeal around the roots, and with a good watering regime, your hedge will thrive and soon "knit together."


For All Your Gardening Needs

We stock composts and manures to improve soil quality, bonemeal to increase root development, together with stakes and netting should you require rabbit proofing

We have plants to suit all your hedging needs.

Whether you are looking for screening, a windbreak, a native hedge or pretty edging to your lawns and paths.

The number of plants that will adapt to being used for hedging is vast. Imagine a hedge made of Photinia Red Robin their wine coloured new growth glowing fire like in the morning sun, or masses of blue flowers covering a hedge of Ceonothus? The varigated lollypop leaved Grisilina or a traditional or varigated Holly hedge laiden with festive winter berries.