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Roses are going to be a big fashion statement in the garden for the next few years. 

Our pot grown Roses are so keenly priced, that there is no excuse not to fill your borders with plants.

Our Roses are given five star treatment. They have all the food they need, watered frequently and treated for blackspot and aphids regularly.

They are bursting with health.

For All Your Gardening Needs

We stock Climbing Roses and Scrambling Roses.

We have Florabunda Roses, which as the name suggests produces an abundance of small blooms, 

and Hybrid Tea Roses, with their large "teaplate" sized flowers, Many repeat flower throughout the summer and carry beautiful heady scents.

Varieties Include

Albertine,  A Blush Pink Variety

Amber Queen,  A Soft Apricot

Iceberg,  A Pure White

Lovers Meeting,  A Subtle Peach

Mountbatten,  A Brilliant Yellow

Mr Lincoln ,  A Velvety Red

New Dawn, A Blush White Climber

​Peace,  Pink With A Peach Heart

Piccadilly,  Strong Red And Orange

Ruby Wedding,  A Rich Deep Red

Whiskey Mac,  A Deep Golden Yellow