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Not all plants are active all year round, some give their all for a few weeks and return to ground for the remainder of the year.

Bulbs start to show their heads not long into the new year. Delicate Snowdrops with their drooping heads warms the heart of the galanthophile as the flowers sit amongst  the fresh flowering Helebores. 

We have pots of both available.  

​We also have pots of Narcissus, Tulips, Crocus, Iris, Alliums and Bluebells, all showing strong growth, ready for you to plant in  your own garden.

Our Primroses and Primulas are looking beautiful and the Winter Pansies are having their second flush of flowers.  

Some of our shrubs and alpines are beginning to show an interest in flowering. The Saxifrage are already in bloom and the Viburnams won't be far behind them. Meanwhile the flower buds on our Magnolias are fattening up nicely.

Seasonal Plants

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